Writing journal

I love to write.   I write fictional short stories for children and young adults.  I think I like to write for the teen/young adult group because I had a hard time during my teen years.  I wasn’t very popular, didn’t really date at all.  Those years are not happy memories.  I had a lot of friends, but none of us were part of the “in” crowd.  Although I weighed 120 pounds, I was constantly teased about being fat.  I use all those sad memories and emotions to create stories for today’s teens who still have the same types of problems to worry about as well as additional problems, like school shootings, terrorism, crime, etc.

I like teens and often feel they are not understood by adults.  I want them to know that I understand and do remember what it was like to be a teen.

Now, my job requires me to work with college graduates, so, I plan to start writing articles for high school and college students on careers and resume writing.


2 thoughts on “Writing journal

  1. I agree that teenagers are generally misunderstood. I think that for the most part, they are probably smarter and willing to accept greater responsibilities than adults are willing to give them. Wouldn’t it be nice to see someone write something for adults that might cause them to empathize with teen-aged characters and perhaps relate it to their own adult-life experience? 🙂

  2. Oh, I agree with that. I see and read about a lot of teens that are very responsible and some are even more mature and grown up than MANY adults.

    I think someone should write a story like that for adults to help them empathize with teens and see that they can be more responsible than they get credit for. I think I know of someone who is working on such a project.

    Thank you for your comment!


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