My favorite season

My favorite season, fall, has arrived.  Or, at least is showing us signs it’s on the way.  Some of the leaves have started to change colors and some leaves have already fallen to the ground.   The only thing that I don’t like is that it’s too warm, still.  I am a very seasonal person–by that I mean I like the seasons to feel how they are “supposed” to feel.  I love a long, hot summer.  I love a cool, crisp fall, a cold winter and a warm, mild spring. 

When I was younger and still lived in Michigan, one of my favorite things to do was to take a long walk down our dirt road in the fall.  The air would be crisp and I’d be bundled in one of my favorite sweaters.  I have always loved to walk on the crunchy leaves and feel the cool air on my face. 

I long to feel cool air when I step outside.  But sadly, it’s still warm and the bugs are still there.  How I wish I could be wearing one of my favorite sweaters and enjoy a nice walk in the crisp air. 

On the plus side, we are still getting herbs and vegetables from the garden.  And, we don’t have to think about ice and snow for a while yet. 

Even though I can’t “feel” the cool fall temps I dream about, I still love this time of year and enjoy the parts of the season that remind me of the Michigan countryside.   I love walking or driving in the country to enjoy the colors.  I love to go to craft shows.  I start planning for the upcoming holiday season.   And every year, my husband and I take a trip to the mountains to enjoy the colors and get a taste of the chilly air I remember.  We always stop at a few roadside fruit, vegetable and country markets.  And antique stores are not usually far away. 

Autumn always inspires me to bake. No matter what the temperature outside, there is nothing like the smell of fresh-baked apple pie on a beautiful fall day.   And I bring autumn into my home by decorating with leafy garlands, indian corn, fruit and pumpkins. 

Our fall evenings here can be chilly.  One of our favorite thing to do on a chilly, fall evening is to build a bon fire and sit outside, talking and enjoying the fire. 

There is just something about this season that makes me feel happy.


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