Will winter ever end?

I think I hate winter. I didn’t always hate winter.  I used to love it.  I used to live in Michigan and saw winter in the extreme–sub zero weather most of the winter–and by sub zero I mean that sometimes with the wind chill it got to be 50 and 60 below.  I’ve seen snow by the foot–waist high.  But, I haven’t lived in that type of weather for 27 1/2 years–and I’m just not used to it anymore.  Now, I prefer to have hot weather most of the time.   I do enjoy getting all 4 seasons, but I can do without the extreme cold.  We’ve had some extreme cold weather for the past several weeks and I’ve been miserable–it’s too cold.  Brrr.

Today wasn’t too bad, though, in the 50’s and tomorrow is supposed to get into the 60’s.  That would fine if it were going to stick around.  But it will probably drop back down again before it warms up and stays there.   I am so looking forward to spring. 

I don’t think the winter would bother me as much if we were still living someplace like Michigan where they are used to snow and you get enough to have some fun.  When I was able to have snowball fights, build snowmen and snow houses, go sledding, snowmobiling and ice-skating–then winter wasn’t too bad.  Oh, I’d long to have spring weather when the calendar said it was spring–just  like the rest of  the country–and the extreme cold was hard to deal with.  But, when the temps weren’t too far below zero and you could get outside and have fun–then I really liked winter.  I have ridden in a one-horse open sleigh–not many people have done that and I thought it was great.  And, we used to see the Northern Lights sometimes. You can see Canada from my Mom and Dad’s house–and to stand out on a cold, clear night and see the Northern Lights shooting into the skies above Canada–well that was something.  One of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. 

But living here, in Maryland, we just don’t get the snow like they do in Michigan and they sure don’t know how to handle it here–the only thing it does is create headaches–accidents, slippery roads, no school for 3 flakes of snow–none of the fun things I used to associate with winter–and I just can’t take the cold anymore. 

I did notice that our daffodils are showing signs of waking up.  That is good news to me–spring can’t be TOO far away.


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