Writing Updates

I entered one writing contest and have been working on a story for another writing contest. 

My writing career is going slowly, but I keep working on it.  I read magazines for writers and keep up with the markets.

I keep a writing journal with ideas for future articles and stories.  Whenever I travel I keep a journal with details of our trip.  I keep notes on the cities we visit, the people we meet, the food, the shopping, the scenery.  I plan to use my journals and notes for future articles or for stories. 

I joined some writing groups that I found in Facebook.

I get a little frustrated sometimes because I don’t always find enough time to work on my writing. I feel that between my job and my normal housework that always needs to be done, my time is eaten up and there’s nothing left for the things I really enjoy.  I have been working on a plan to re-organize and prioritize my life and projects and have had some success in finding more time for the things I enjoy.

  I try to keep a positive attitude.  Someday I will be a full-time writer and won’t be leaving the house for another job.  

Speaking of trips and trip journals, I have another trip coming up.  We leave on April 3rd for our first visit to Colorado.  I’m looking forward to this trip.  But, I look forward to any trip, whether it’s a week at the beach or a day in DC.


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