this photo taken in the Virginia countryside, fall 2008

Wow–here it is–October already. 

Someone at work today reminded the rest of us how close Christmas is. UGH!!!

It’s a nice, cool fall evening here.  I do love the fall.  Our day time temps get a little too warm for me–for this time of year.  Although I love summer and the heat–what I really love are for the seasons and the temps to match.  I would prefer fall to be cool and crisp.  Our mornings and evenings are like that, but during the day it still gets near  80 degrees.  I wish it would be in the 50’s during the day and  a little chillier at night.  I love sweaters and would love to have more sweater weather.  I do get tired of needing a sweater in the morning but by afternoon, I’m roasting.  I would prefer it to be chilly all day.

But, no matter the temps, one thing I love  to do is to walk on the leaves and hear the crrrunch beneath my feet.  And, the colors on the leaves are so beautiful this time of year. 

We have our annual fall foliage trip planned.  This year we are going to Maine.  We are riding to Portland on the train.  Then, we are going to take our rented car and drive the Mountains and Maples Loop.  We found that drive listed in the visit Maine website.  It sounded very interesting–exactly the sort of things we were looking for in  a fall trip.  

I’ve done a lot of reading about Maine and we will have to make several return trips. They have so many places that I want to see.   Next time we go it will have to be to Acadia National Park. 

But for now, I am looking forward to our long weekend.


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