Dear Mother Nature…

…Please stop!  I am sick and tired of the snow.  It’s pretty to look at and fun to make a snowman with, and I appreciate the white Christmas you sent me.  And the neighborhood kids are having a blast on their sleds.  I enjoy watching them. 

But, I am sick and tired of shoveling snow, cleaning off my car and getting snow down my boots.  It’s bad enough having to go to work on a regular, snow-free day.  Why do you send snow and make me work hard before I even get to work?

Will you please send warm temps and sunshine so the snow will melt?  My daffodils, herbs and other flowers would like to come up.  They miss me and I miss them. 

And, what about the birds and squirrels?  Those little teeny legs have a hard time trudging through the snow to get to the food I put out for them.  They would appreciate it if you backed off on the snow thing and sent them some sunshine and warm weather, too.

So, please, Mother Nature, have a heart and melt the snow.  You’ve done a great job of painting our area white.  You deserve a medal for the pretty picture you’ve painted.  But, I really think your best work is when you paint with a variety of colors–green, blue, pink, red, yellow, etc.

Please have a heart, melt the snow!

Thank you!


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