Nothing like family

Just got back from visiting my family.  I didn’t get to see everyone since we’re all spread out all over the country.  And some family members lives outside the country. 

But I had  a great time visiting the family I was able to see. 

I felt like we did a lot on this trip.  During the first part of our trip we got to Jamestown, NY to see the Lucy-Desi museum.  Jamestown is Lucille Ball’s hometown.  The whole museum is very nice, but I especially liked the sets of their living room, kitchen, bedroom and the set of the Hollywood living room.  They also had the set for Lucy’s Vitameatavegamin commercial.  It was set up with a camera so that whoever went out in front of the camera to pretend they were doing the commercial was actually seen on the TV.  Neat.

My sister and I had a great time shopping for antiques and just talking  and visiting with each other. 

We spent several days with my parents and saw my youngest brother, too. 

Then, on our way home, we stopped to see another brother and his family.  We had a great time boating on the lake and just relaxing.

The best part was just being with family and having time to talk to each other and visit. 

If I’m stressed or worried, my family is a comfort.  They are not judgemental.  They just listen.  They offer advice when you need it.  They offer a good time if you just want to relax and enjoy yourself.  They remember the same things I do, so, we have great fun laughing over all the silly things we did, and we remember the sad times, too.  We talk about the fond memories of relatives who have passed away. We talk About current family events as well as current events and plans for the future. 

In good times and bad, my family is the best group of people a girl has ever had.  I love my family.


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