New Year Resolution

These years are just zipping by.  The older I get, the more  nervous I get about the years going by so quickly — I feel like they are passing me by –  I’m not getting to all the things on my list of things I want to accomplish.  I get stuck in the same pattern:  get up, go to work, come home, feed cats, fix dinner, go to bed, get up, go to work, come home, etc. 

I blink a couple of times and next thing I know, the week is over, and then the weekend is over and a month is gone, then a whole season is over–all without me getting to check off things on my list.

Every January I say to myself, “Ok, Donna, now is your chance. A whole new year.  A new beginning.  Time to get going, get off your butt and get things done.” 

Several years ago I swore off making New Year’s Resolutions–or rather–I swore off telling other people my resolutions.  I guess I got sick of people feeling like they had a right to track my progress and point out that I wasn’t accomplishing anything. 

But, this year, the resolutions have more meaning to me.  Accomplishing things has more meaning for me.   I have hopes and dreams and long before New Year’s Eve, I made a decision to really work on my resolutions and work toward making my dreams and life goals  come true. 

My Mom passed away in the fall of 2010.  And now, I think about all the things she accomplished in her 83 years.  When she was a little girl and a young woman she lived her dream of being a dancer.  But, I also know there were things she wanted to do and never got to them.  Traveling more for one.

None of us expeceted her to pass away–she hadn’t been ill.  Just all of a sudden she was gone.  We never know when that moment will be.  My husband and I traveled to Michigan in July 2010 to visit my parents.  Of course none of us knew that would be the last time we saw my Mom.  As I hugged her good-bye, she said she was thinking how nice it would be if she had a chance to get down to Maryland to visit us within the next few months.  She never got the chance.

I kept thinking of that and so, this year, I resolve to work harder to accomplish my life goals and dreams.  When I’m old, I want to think back on all the things I accomplished instead of thinking, “if only…”

I never finished college when I had the opportunity right out of high school.  Over the years I have dreamed of going back to school, but for various reasons (excuses) I never finished.  This past fall I signed up for an online class and struggled a little –but finished the semester with an A. 

For the first time ever, I feel like the degree I’ve longed for is within reach.  I can do it.  I will do it.

I have many other dreams besides finishing school. I have made notes on my calendar of what I can do on a daily, weekly and monthly basis in order to reach my goals and actually stick to my resolution. 

I have always encouraged others to go after their dreams, but I have never worked hard enough to make my own dreams come true.  I think it is important to go for your dreams and to have goals–to have something to reach for.

I let myself get stuck in the same patterns and of course, I have the same results.  To get different results, I need to change my patterns of doing things.  That is one of my resolutions:  to change my patterns and then the results will bring me closer to my dreams.

I am going to try harder to quit putting things off–when I have things to do I need to “just do it.” 

And, I need to focus more on what really matters and work on accomplishing as many of my goals and dreams as I can.  I want to take time to enjoy life and quit worrying about the things that aren’t important. 

If you see more posts here, then you know I am working hard on one of my goals: to keep my blogs up-to-date. 

Meanwhile, I will keep one of my favorite quotes in mind.  ‘If you can dream it, you can do it.”  Walt Disney.


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