Time flies!

Well, last time I wrote it was around New Year’s–and my resolution was to write in this blog more often–and here it is, May already–and I haven’t done very well at writing more often!! 

But, I have been busy around the house.  I’ve been going to school.  And in between classes I’m taking non-credit classes.  I”ve also declared this the year I get more organized at home.  I’ve been trying to clean up both electronic files and old-fashioned files.    I like things at my fingertips, but, I also like the house to look nice and neat. 

I’ve also been working on some other projects, too.

After my Mom died, my sister sent me some stories our grandma wrote–Mom had them stored at the house.  I’ve been scanning the stories to be sure we have them preserved and then for my birthday, our daughter and son-in-law gave me one of those nice storage boxes that are made to preserve old papers and things like that.  I am going to put the stories in there for safe keeping.

I was so excited to get the stories.   Since I am also a writer, it’s nice to have the connection to my grandma–especially since I never knew her because she died when I was 5 months old. 

Among her stories she also had some journal writings describing Mom’s adventures as she traveled all over the country with her dance partner as they performed in Vaudeville.

My sister also sent me some pictures of Mom with her partner and in some costumes.  She was SO pretty.  Everyone says I look just like my Mom–but I’m not sure if I was ever that pretty–but I hope so. 

Having these stories and journal entries is a real treasure for me.  I haven’t even finished reading the journal yet.  I have shared the stories with my daughter, too.  Since she is also a writer this is a great way for her to connect with a great-grandmother she never knew.

So, even though I haven’t been keeping up with my posts on this blog–I have been busy around the house getting organized and working on projects that I have put off for too long.  And, all those things were part of my resolutions, too, so I guess I didn’t fall off the resolution track as far as I thought.


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