Holy Cucumbers, Batman!

Well, the temps are still summer-like, but summer is winding down for me now.  It’s September already and school starts on Tuesday.   Bob and I have had moderate success with our garden, but, our cucumbers have done especially well.  We had  a lot of them and they were huge.  The problem is there are only 2 of us and we can’t possibly eat that many cucumbers before they spoil.  So, I had to get creative and think of what to do with all of those cucumbers.  We gave some away.   And, we did eat as many as possible.   I made several cucumber/tomato salads with our fresh tomatoes.  I made cucumber sandwiches–a traditional tea sandwich.  I made cucumber/dill veggie dip.  I used the cucumbers on a veggie platter and in tossed salads.  I made cucumber/carrot slaw. I made about 3 quarts of pickles.   I made veggie/fruit juice with cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots, celery, an orange, and seasonings.   I made a cucumber face mask.  And nothing’s more refreshing than cucumber slices for puffy eyes.  And, I found a recipe for cucumber spa water.  Next up:  cucumber face wash.  Anybody up for cucumber bowling?

cucumbers from the garden

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