Is it spring, yet?

I’ve seen all the signs of spring…

Birds are chirping, there are buds on trees and the daffodils have bloomed.  I bought flower pots and soil.  I bought seeds.  And pollen is on my car.  And, I saw snow flurries out the window.

Whoa, wait, did you say snow flurries?

Yep, that is what I said.  Snow flurries, again.

And I wore my winter coat this morning.

Snow flurries and winter coats are not a sign of spring.

Now, since there is nothing we can do about the weather, I try not to complain about it too much.  And normally spring can be very wishy-washy and go back and forth between chilly/cold and warm.  So, it really shouldn’t come as a big surprise that it is still colder than what I like at this time of year.  And, I used to live in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, where we could have cold and snow in late April or even into May.

But, still, I started seeing the gardening supplies and beautiful outdoor furniture on display in the stores.  I drive by my favorite farm market stand and begin to wonder when will they open for the season.  I’ve seen some gardening shows on TV, I received a seed catalog in the mail and lawn mowers of all sizes are on sale.

I am ready to plant my garden!

There is hope.  I saw the weather forecast for the next 10 days and it does show temps near 80 degrees are expected by the end of this week and the mild temps are predicted to stick around on into the following week.

Will I really be able to say, “Welcome, Spring,” by the end of the week?

Fingers crossed!





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