Garden Journal 2013

Wednesday-April 10, 2013–I spent 2 hours in the morning pulling old plants and weeds from the garden planting boxes.  I raked up all the leaves and in general I got the garden cleaned up and ready to plant.

Thursday–April 11, 2013–I spent about an hour and a half pulling up more weeds and sketching a diagram of the garden and planning what will be planted where.

Friday–April 12, 2013–In between rain showers, we spent at least 2 hours planting seeds and  plants.  We still have more to plant, but the bulk of it is done.  We need to plant some herbs  in the mini garden by the deck and plant some flowers and some more herbs in the flower pots.  Just as we finished putting the tools away and declared ourselves done for the day and went indoors, a nice soaking rain came along.  So, at least we know our seeds got a good drink.

I love gardening.  It’s a lot of work, but it’s the good kind of work that makes you feel good.  And of course the rewards of fresh herbs and veggies all summer makes the work worth it.  Last summer Bob built some beautiful planting boxes.  They are great.  Our garden grows much better in the boxes than when we used to plant the seeds straight into the clay soil.  He filled them with good dirt and our plants thrived and did so well in the boxes.  He also put a 6 foot fence around the garden to keep the deer out.  I love the deer–except when they were coming into our garden and enjoying the “all you can eat” salad bar.  We can’t keep the squirrels and birds out, but at least they leave us more veggies and herbs than the deer would leave us.

When we were pulling up the weeds this year, we also dug up a lot of acorns that the squirrels had planted for themselves.

Sorry squirrels, but it’s our garden!garden and summer 2012 026

Have a happy gardening seasoning, everyone!ImageImage


Recently returned from Cancun and had a fabulous time!

The trip was a gift from my husband for my 50th birthday. 

The trip was perfect from start to end.  Our flights were on time going and coming.  From the moment we landed all the knee pain I had been feeling disappeared.  I was told I had osteoarthritis a few months ago and had been doing all the exercises and stretches the physical therapist gave me to do.  My legs used to be in a lot of pain and were very stiff after I had been sitting for just a couple of hours.  But, I was able to stand after the 3 hour (non-stop) flight.  When I stood up,  I was able to just walk–pain-free,  It was wonderful!  We breezed through customs and then set out to have fun.

I spent the entire week pain-free— AND–since I got home I’ve been pain-free. 

We fell in love with our resort.  It was beautiful and the service was top notch.  The pool and beach were beautiful and I spent a lot of time there.

I got up at sunrise a few times and took some fabulous pictures. 

We went snorkeling, did lots of walking, went for a boat ride, took a tour to the ruins, swam with dolphins and had an absolutely fabulous time!

We relaxed.  And I think best of all, we spent a lot of time talking. We’d go out to the balcony and we’d go over our adventure of the day, and just talked in general. We don’t usually just sit and talk.  I loved it.

We have our funny story we like to repeat.  Riding the bus.  We found out that the bus drivers help you to your seat on the bus.  Here is how it works–you get on and pay the driver.  Then, the driver goes from 0-60 in a nanosecond, which flings you to the back of the bus. Once you pick yourself up off the floor, whichever seat you are clinging to is yours. Easy. Simple. Works.

I did not want to leave.  I could easily go back there at least once a year, but more often if I could.

I highly recommend it — if you get a chance to go to Cancun–take it!