Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom passed away in October, 2010 and I have been thinking of her all day.  We used to send her a card every year and flowers or some other little gift.  But the best part of Mother’s Day and every Sunday was chatting on the phone. We could talk for over an hour–sometimes we pushed 2 hours on the phone.  We lived over a thousand miles apart and only saw each other once or twice a year.

We chatted about everything and anything.  We might talk about any upcoming trips that Bob and I were planning, our kids and the shock we both felt that her grand kids were inching up on 30, my siblings and their kids, my dad, her health, my dad’s health, gardening, or the current class I was working on in school.  Or maybe she told me about her latest volunteer project or that she was able to adopt out a rescued cat or dog from the no kill animal shelter that she founded.

She would chat about when she was a child and growing up in the Connecticut/New York area and how much she loved it there and how much she missed it.  We would reminisce about our family and all the crazy stuff our family did, the trips we took and the fun we had.  There were eight of us kids, six boys and two girls.  Between the eight of us, there were 20 grandchildren, so my mom always had news about someone’s kids.

The topics we talked about didn’t matter–it just mattered that we chatted every week.

I miss our weekly chats, and although she’s been gone since 2010, just the other day I was wishing I could pick up the phone and tell her all about a sundress I just finished making for my little granddaughter.  I knew she would love it.  My mom loved to sew and she would have loved to make dresses for her little great-granddaughter.

I am so grateful for all the wonderful conversations I had with my mom.  All the Sunday evening chats.   I will cherish the memories forever.

Happy Mother’s Day!



Lacing cards

Today I showed the kids how to use lacing cards and they loved them.  I bought a few sets of cards:  pets, farm animals and dinosaurs.  Didn’t take them long to get the hang of using the extra long shoe laces and “sew” all the way around the pictures.

Then once they laced all the cards, they gathered them and played with them, having all the animals interact with each other and just had a great time!

Art project

Yesterday the kids created some great pictures.  I handed them paper, glue and fabric scraps and they took it from there.  I love their creativity!  I sat nearby and used my good sewing scissors to cut the fabric to their specifications.  And sometimes my help was needed with squeezing glue out of the bottle, but otherwise, they created the pictures on their own.

They created pictures of houses, flowers, clouds and the sun.  They created pictures of airplanes and cars.  One of them found a Teddy Graham sitting on the table and glued the tiny cookie next to the house she just created and it became the teddy bear’s house.

They each told me stories about their pictures and what was going on.

I love creativity!

Enjoy the Moment

Everyone I know says it–how fast time seems to be flying by.  It doesn’t matter if the person I am talking to is close to my age, or a little older or  if they are young, in their forties, thirties or even in their twenties.  It seems that unless you are in your teens or younger, time insists on marching faster and faster.

So, today is our son’s thirtieth birthday.  It really doesn’t seem possible that 30 years have gone by already.  I was talking to our daughter just yesterday about how fast the grandchildren are growing.  We find it hard to believe that the oldest is already 4, and one day we will be shocked that she is starting kindergarten.

And it reminded me of when our daughter went to kindergarten and a few years later, our son.  I told her that most people I know get emotional when their oldest hits the milestone moments.  I never really got emotional over either one of our kids hitting the milestone moments.  But those moments always struck me more when our youngest got to that particular milestone because I realized how fast time has gone by.

I always felt proud as our kids hit milestones.  Instead of crying I was always more surprised or shocked  that the time had gone by so fast.  I remember smiling as I watched our little girl get on that kindergarten bus for the first time.  And when  I registered our son for kindergarten, I remember how mad he was when I told him he was all set for kindergarten, but had to wait until the fall. He wanted to start right then, that day!

When our kids were little, I always enjoyed every moment I could.  I cherished the special times, the fun times, and even the ordinary times.  I took tons of pictures and love to reflect back and enjoy the memories. But I also always knew they would grow up.  That’s what kids do.  Whenever someone asks me if I wish our kids were little again, I always say no.  I do not need to go back.  I enjoyed every moment, every age, and always look forward to the future and want to be enjoy the “now” moments.

I love seeing our kids as adults and seeing and hearing about their lives now.  It makes me proud to say I am their mom and to see the awesome adults they have become.

So, although I still feel the 30 years have gone by quickly, I will enjoy the moment and wish our son a fantastic birthday!