Oh, how our little granddaughter has grown!

Our little granddaughter is growing so fast–already 8 1/2 months old!

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A brand-new year—a brand-new start

January 20, 2013

Well, here we are – another year has started.  2013 already.  Amazing.  I remember as a child when I would hear someone say, “…in the year 2000…” it seemed so far away and futuristic to me that I figured it would be very “Jetson-like.”  I also pictured myself as being positively “ancient.”

Then there was the “Back to the Future” movies – especially the one that takes place in the year 2015.  “Jennifer” walks through the town and says, “I’m in the year 2015.”  She says it in awe—amazement—wonder.  And here we are—2013.

2013.  I’m 52—not ancient.  It’s also not “Jetson-like” – although we have technology and the “know how” to create technology as seen in the Jetsons, it’s not readily available yet. There are robots in the science world—they use them mostly for experimenting—but they are there.  We also have vacuums that can clean by themselves—no need for a human to be pushing them.  Again, we don’t have the technology as they had in the “Back to the Future” movie.  Or, I should say, we have the “know how.”  There are scientists out there that know how to create the technology shown in the movie—it’s just not readily available yet.  I think that New Year’s Eve, 2014 will be the perfect time to re-watch that movie.

Now the month is half over already.  I’ve had a very productive year so far.  I’ve been getting a lot of cleaning, organizing and sorting done.  Things I’ve been “meaning” to clean/sort/organize for a long time I’ve finally gotten to.  I have a lot more to organize, but now that I’ve started, I’m motivated and energized to keep going until I finally finish.  I want to finish my projects—sewing/crochet.  I want to read books that have been stacked up to read for years.   And I’ve decided that this is the year I will finish the projects that have been sitting for so long and this is the year I will start reading the books I want to read.  I want to keep up with my writing—journals, stories and blogs.  I’m going to accomplish these things by focusing on what I’m doing and quit letting myself get sidetracked.   And I need to quit doing things that waste time.  I need to be mindful of how I spend my time and make sure that every waking minute is spent on something useful—not time wasters.  So, now it is time to post this and then move on to the next project.