Enjoy the Moment

Everyone I know says it–how fast time seems to be flying by.  It doesn’t matter if the person I am talking to is close to my age, or a little older or  if they are young, in their forties, thirties or even in their twenties.  It seems that unless you are in your teens or younger, time insists on marching faster and faster.

So, today is our son’s thirtieth birthday.  It really doesn’t seem possible that 30 years have gone by already.  I was talking to our daughter just yesterday about how fast the grandchildren are growing.  We find it hard to believe that the oldest is already 4, and one day we will be shocked that she is starting kindergarten.

And it reminded me of when our daughter went to kindergarten and a few years later, our son.  I told her that most people I know get emotional when their oldest hits the milestone moments.  I never really got emotional over either one of our kids hitting the milestone moments.  But those moments always struck me more when our youngest got to that particular milestone because I realized how fast time has gone by.

I always felt proud as our kids hit milestones.  Instead of crying I was always more surprised or shocked  that the time had gone by so fast.  I remember smiling as I watched our little girl get on that kindergarten bus for the first time.  And when  I registered our son for kindergarten, I remember how mad he was when I told him he was all set for kindergarten, but had to wait until the fall. He wanted to start right then, that day!

When our kids were little, I always enjoyed every moment I could.  I cherished the special times, the fun times, and even the ordinary times.  I took tons of pictures and love to reflect back and enjoy the memories. But I also always knew they would grow up.  That’s what kids do.  Whenever someone asks me if I wish our kids were little again, I always say no.  I do not need to go back.  I enjoyed every moment, every age, and always look forward to the future and want to be enjoy the “now” moments.

I love seeing our kids as adults and seeing and hearing about their lives now.  It makes me proud to say I am their mom and to see the awesome adults they have become.

So, although I still feel the 30 years have gone by quickly, I will enjoy the moment and wish our son a fantastic birthday!



Quiet Time

One thing I treasure about spending the days with our grandchildren is the special quiet moments we have.  Yes, I know, with kids who are 4 and 2 1/2, it’s hard to imagine quiet time.  But when we go outside one of the things they love to do is sit on the patio swing with me and observe the birds and squirrels.

Usually the moment only lasts about five minutes.  However, for such young children, five minutes is great.  But they observe a lot more than birds and squirrels.  They also like to observe the trees, bugs, butterflies, pine cones and wild flowers.  They notice dogs barking, planes and helicopters flying over the house and cars going by.  They notice the big cool trucks, UPS and FedEx and the mailman’s car.  They notice  people walking, running and riding bikes.  They watch the birds flying in the sky and watch the clouds for pictures in the sky.

Someday they will be grown and moved away, and won’t always be there to sit with me on the swing.  And, it will be then that I can smile and remember our special quiet times now.

Grandma’s Journal, again

Well, once again I am back after a long time between posts.  It’s not that I don’t have plenty to say–it’s just that I struggle to find time to say it!  Or at least find time to keep up with posting to this site.  I keep a journal, but I just don’t always post to my site.

We have had a very busy year, with some personal situations and changes, including a move.  All that extra “stuff” took away some computer time.

I am still watching our two adorable grandchildren, who are 4 and 2  1/2, on a full-time basis.  I enjoy watching them grow and change almost daily.  I have always loved doing little art/craft projects with them and teaching them their letters, colors, numbers, alphabet, etc.  I like doing simple science projects and just love introducing them to as many learning experiences as I can.  We read books, sing, use a flannel board to tell stories and we even add in some simple Yoga stretches.

We get outside as often as possible and they love to swing and play in the sand box.    One of my favorite things to do is to take them outside after it has rained.  We put on rain boots, and jackets, if needed, and go out in search of puddles to jump and splash in.  And we seem to do our best bug discovering after or during the rain.  I always have to fake my excitement over bugs, though.  I am much better looking at flowers, plants and trees!

I have a double wagon and once in  a while they get in that and really enjoy a nice ride and I enjoy a nice walk.  There is a horse farm down the street and they love to ride down to see if the horses are outside.  They are friendly horses, they walk right up to the fence when they see us.

I recently introduced them to some pre-school work books and they like those.  They each have their own books and I am able to work with them individually, so they can work at their own pace.

And that is all for Grandma’s Journal for now.