Here we are, fall again

Well, here we are, fall again.  Time just keeps moving along too quickly for me.  I love the fall, it’s always been my favorite season.   I love the colors, which is just starting here.  But–it wasn’t supposed to come along so fast!!!

But, since I can’t make it go back to summer for a few more months, I will enjoy the fall.  I put out my fall decorations in the house.   Soon we will take our annual fall foilage trip. Probably closer to home this year–to the mountains.  We will go to a craft fair or two.  And, it’s not fall until I rake some leaves and one of my favorite things to do is to walk along and crunch the leaves.  I bought some apples, so, now I need to bake something.  I’m thinking maybe some apple pie–or how about some cran-apple pie??  Mmmmm….love it!  Maybe I’ll also make some homemade applesauce–or maybe some cran-applesauce.   SO gooooood!  Maybe I’ll just curl up by the fireplace–or better, we’ll have a fire in the outdoor fire pit.  I love to do that.  So, maybe it’s not a bad thing after all that fall has arrived.

Happy fall, everyone!